Construction Activities That You Shouldn’t Try by Yourself

A large number of people think that, they can do anything, especially men, when it comes to DIY. It’s almost a pride thing of, of course I can, I’m a man, it’s what we do. If you have been programmed to think that way, then you should have made some pretty horrendous mistakes in the past, if not, then you should consider the following ‘don’t do by your self’s’;

  1. Adding a gas stove to your home

If you want to install gas appliances like a gas stove or a gas-on-demand water heater, you’ll need a qualified gas fitter. One the other hand, because they plug into a pre-installed wall socket, you can install internal gas heaters yourself. However, depending on the airflow in your house, you’ll need to select between a flued and an unglued gas heater.

  1. An air conditioner’s installation or maintenance

To install your air-conditioning system, you’ll need a specialist who’s been approved by the authorities and has the relevant qualifications. When it comes to handling dangerous refrigerants, these specialists have the proper training and certification.

  1. Asbestos removal

Unless your house is a new build then asbestos containing materials might be a risk with any DIY that requires the removal of any old building materials. They may contain asbestos, which is potentially life threatening. You might be planning concrete roof insulation (known as ฉนวนหลังคาคอนกรีต in Thai) and should check for the presence of asbestos.

  1. Flooring to be sanded

If you’re willing to acquire the necessary professional equipment, it’s OK to sand your floors yourself, but bear in mind that it’s not always as simple as it appears!

The first time someone uses a floor sander, things can go horribly wrong very quickly. If you aren’t trained and you hire a professional floor sander then it can end up flying across the room and tear a hole in your wall. There’s no reason not to give it a shot if you know what you’re doing, but you better know what you’re doing!

  1. Removal of lead-based paint or its repair

There are a large number of houses that were built before the 1970s that still contain lead-based paint. As dealing with lead-based paint has substantial health hazards (and requires many safety precautions), you may want to hire a professional painter who has been educated in lead-paint handling techniques.


Hopefully you’ve learnt from others mistakes and hired a professional, if not then you should. For those that have already tried and, failed, you’re probably feeling a little sorry for yourself, better luck next time.


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