Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pet-Friendly Home

In a 2020 survey, nearly one-third of buyers said they would not offer a house if it were not ideal for their pets. It can be challenging to find pet-friendly properties since not all homes are built with this benchmark. Nonetheless, down below are the common characteristics of a pet-friendly house that people should look for before moving:

Unsupervised Rooms Can Keep Pets Out

A half-door or swinging gate in an entryway can be a handy way to keep pets out of rooms when house owners are not there to supervise them. This is an extra safety feature for their furry friends and helps individuals keep out burglars or other emergencies.

Built-in Eating Stations

Kitchen remodeling companies in Dana Point highly recommend that homeowners or renters have a custom dog eating station, which can be an excellent additional kitchen design. This area can be positioned at the end of the cabinets or next to the kitchen island. This allows individuals to serve their pets without mess on their flooring conveniently.

Pet-Friendly Backyards

Pet owners must look for a house with a backyard space. It should have tall fences for safety and peace of mind for dogs to get through. Hedges are also good features for a backyard. Although they are not as easy to install as a fence, they can help contain a larger dog. These materials will provide plenty of shade and ample space for their dogs to run around and connect with other pets in the community.

Precise Contract

If an individual is looking for a pet-friendly apartment, they must prepare to meet with the property management and board. Depending on the building’s policy, they may be asked to submit their:

  1. Pets’ names
  2. Breeds
  3. photos
  4. Vaccination
  5. Spay or neuter records
  6. Written statements about how well they behave in the community.

Pet owners should also guarantee to get a copy of the building’s contract, which can list leash laws and other pet policies that may affect their daily life.

These are the common home attributes individuals should seek. Nevertheless, house owners should always remember to have their kitchens pet-friendly to protect their furry friends. This area is the most utilized one out of all. Apart from that, it possesses many hazards, which is why it is vital.

If it may happen they cannot find a pet-friendly house, they could re-design their rented apartment or house to have a pet-friendly kitchen. Down below is an infographic filled with some tips for perfect planning a pet-friendly kitchen space created by the well-known kitchen remodeling Dana Point company, Mr. Cabinet Care:

Tips for a Pet-Friendly Kitchen


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