Find out ways to Insulate Behind Drywall

Insulation in house exterior walls is a major task to prevent heat and energy loss. Unfortunately, homes built before the 1980s were not insulated properly. But how house insulation is possible in the existing drywalls without opening them up? It is still a challenge for many.

You can insulate the exterior walls which are present either from inside or outside the house. The process involves removing the siding panels while working from the exterior side. This is to bore the large holes through the sheathing.

Earlier the homes did not require insulating exterior walls. This is because the energy bills were not so high. For homeowners saving energy was not so crucial. It was enough to insulate the attic and basement. But as soon as the drywall came up, things changed.

Today, people are highly interested in reducing energy costs. They want to cut down the heating and air-conditioning bills. For this, the best solution is better insulation. It is mainly done in the basement.

People still have questions as to how to insulate a finished space without removing it. One may not like to take down the interior walls. This is painful and time-consuming. According to our experience, the “drill-and-fill” method makes better sense in such cases.

How Insulation behind drywall works?

Many people have query regarding installing insulation in closed ceilings and walls. The process is called drill and fill. It is an innovative method to insulate finished walls in the best possible way.

In this method, small holes are drilled into each section of the wall. After that cellulose insulation is blown directly into the wall or ceiling to fill it. At this stage, the blowing machine is used to do the insulation work. This technique helps in filling up every area of the wall with the insulation. On the other hand, in traditional batt insulation, some gap remains.

Drill and frill work best for walls that have been finished with drywall.

What are the benefits of this method?

The house insulation is done systematically through this approach. You get an energy-efficient basement and attic. The bills related to heating and cooling are dramatically reduced.

What is the process?

  • With “drill-and-fill”, holes are drilled into existing drywall. The process focuses on cavities that are behind the drywall.
  • Next, loose-fill cellulose insulation is blown into the drilled holes. Here cavities in the wall are filled with insulation.
  • After the insulation, the drilled holes are patched.
  • You may have to do additional finishing in the drywall.

In residential homes, the “drill and fill” method is a cost-effective solution. These are installed through experts and can give you long-term benefits. In the end, you will get comfort in the home.


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