How Do You Maintain an Irrigation System?

It is a dream of every homeowner to have some good looking green grass in their compound. Farmers also strive to have their plantation as green as possible for better productivity. The secret for achieving such an interest lies in having a dependable irrigation system, especially during the dry seasons.

The best irrigation system should be reliable in supplying water equally to every part of the farm or property. This is not something that can be done without maintaining the irrigation system. How do you do this?

Tips on how to maintain your irrigation system

·         Fix in a rain sensor

Farmers and homeowners do irrigate their property to boost the supply of water to the grass or vegetables. It only becomes necessary when there is limited rain.

However, when there is adequate rainfall, the irrigation system should turn off automatically to prevent overwatering of the ground.

It would help if you fixed a rain sensor on the system so that the water supply can be cut automatically when a given soil humidity is attained.

It prevents overwatering and prevents the plants from developing conditions due to excess water, such as browning.

·         Ensure the sprinkler heads are not clogged

The clogging of the sprinkler heads might be inevitable. As the water gets pumped to the property, some light stones can accompany the water due to the pressure.

 Such stones and other foreign dirt can clog the heads when accumulated. A farmer should, therefore, keep ensuring that the heads are not clogged.

Such a checkup should be done at least twice a month to maintain the condition of the sprinkler heads.

If you are not sure how to make it happen, you can contact any irrigation service in The Colony TX for assistance. Most are available online.

·         Maintain the right water pressure

Most irrigation systems break up due to the water pressure going through the pipes. If the water pressure is too high, the pipes are likely to bust.

Do not wait for such an experience. Always ensure that the water pressure is maintained at between 45 to 60 PSI. This is effective for ordinary irrigation pipes.

However, it is also good to note that many more factors would contribute to the busting of the pipes. For instance, if you allow animals and children to play around the irrigation system, the pipes are likely to be interfered with hence breaking or busting.

You should, therefore, ensure that the irrigation system is well protected even as you maintain the right water pressure.

·         Keep the sprinkler heads in the right position.

Every sprinkler head should be at the right angle. If any of the sprinkler heads get bent, water will not be distributed equally.

Some parts of the land will be wetter than others.

The outcome will be a poorly watered land hence different productivity rates.

·         Runtime to exposure ratio

The sprinkler run time must always be alternated to give the right outcome.

For instance, when there is much exposure to the sun, more water might be needed due to the evaporation rate. However, when there is no sun exposure, you need to supply less water.

Therefore, you should ensure that you keep alternating the water supply.

Maintaining your irrigation system can be as easy as this. If you follow the tips, you will always get the right outcome.

However, you should not forget to allow an expert to keep checking your system since you might not note some problems.

The Irrigation service in The Colony, TX is an excellent place to start.


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