How Does Ceiling Insulation Benefit Homes?

There are a certainly a lot of components that are required to make a home a complete package, and while most of them are important, ceiling insulation is perhaps one of the more crucial needs of a home. This is because without proper ceiling insulation, you and your family will likely be very cold for most of winter! This is all due to the heat retention qualities of ceiling insulation – in most cases, good ceiling insulation will  help prevent at least 35% of all heat loss. This is a lot more beneficial than it sounds on paper, though – in this article, we take a look at how ceiling insulation works to keep all that lovely heat in.

How ceiling insulation works

With so much heat being lost through the roof, ceiling insulation services in Melbourne should often be one of your top priorities when considering a new home build. How does it work, though? Basically, it’s all about heat flow – because heat is thermal energy, it will always move from hot spaces (which contain high thermal energy) to cooler areas (which contain lower amounts of thermal energy) until the thermal energy in the space is balanced. If the space outside happens to be cold (as it usually is during winter) and the space inside your house is warm due to you heating it up, heat will naturally try and move outside as a result. It is the job of insulation to resist this flow, and it does so by actively resisting the conduction of thermal energy. The two main types of insulation – reflective and bulk insulation – both work to help with this process in different ways. Reflective insulation contains a thin foil layer positioned on paper or plastic that helps to reflect heat from the sun away from the inside of your home, while bulk insulation is made up of a material that contains millions of tiny air pockets that are designed to disrupt the flow of heat – the more pockets, the more effective the insulation.

Why insulation is important

Although they’re not terribly common anymore, buildings that don’t contain insulation or make use of low quality insulation will generally struggle to keep spaces inside cool in summer and warm in winter. Although every bot of insulation around the house helps, it’s most important in the ceiling due to heat rising and the insulation slowing down the flow of heat. It’s not just about keeping warm during the colder months, and cool during hot summer nights, either. Because installing ceiling insulation works to prevent you from needing to crank up the heater during winter, you’ll be able to save a considerable amount on your electricity bill every year. With this in mind, it’s not just about keeping energy usage down, either – by using less energy you’re also doing the environment a massive favour by limiting your reliance on fossil fuels (unless you’re running solar panels, of course).

How effective is your insulation?

Not all insulation is made the same, so if you’re upgrading or sick of the poor insulating effects your existing insulation demonstrates, it might be time for an upgrade. although it might seem like a bit of a large cost at first, the big savings on your energy bill will make it an excellent investment in the long run.


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