How You Can Keep Your Wood Floor In Perfectly Maintained Condition?

Every new season will bring certain new problems, particularly for the hardwood floor. During winter, you will get ice, snow, and salt, spring will bring rain and dirt, and summer will add chlorine and saltwater, finally, fall will bring more dirt and leaves.

In spite of all your maintenance and the upkeep of your floor covering, keeping your wooden flooring in top condition may be a bit of a challenge.

Here are a few tips for keeping the floor great looking for many years to come.

1.     Daily maintenance

You must regularly clean the dust on daily basis. Choose a suitable floor cleaner by visiting flooring service directories like FlooringDomain and keep your floor well-maintained.

2.     Use furniture pads

There is always a possibility of scratches and that is one of the toughest problems for any wooden floor. Few scratches are inevitable, however, others can certainly be prevented. One of the smartest ways to prevent them will be to add furniture pads that must be put under the legs of your sofas, chairs, and tables, etc.

3.     Vacuum weekly

You need not vacuum the floor daily as it is quite painful and also will be difficult to spare as much time for that. Weekly vacuuming will not only keep your home perfectly clean but also will ensure that any dirt and crumbs that you missed while your daily cleaning doesn’t scratch the floors. Get a good handy vacuum cleaner.

4.     Give extra care to your high-traffic areas

In certain areas particularly in the high traffic areas, you must give a little more attention as compared to the other areas. If need be don’t hesitate to use your vacuum cleaner particularly in those areas that you need it more often.

Certain areas like your entryway and hallways, particularly if you also have carpet and if you do not clean then dust and dirt may get trapped inside the fiber and may create allergies.

5.     Avoid harsh chemicals

Avoid using any cleaning products with bleach, ammonia, or any other harsh chemicals, as that can discolour or damage your wooden floors. You must stick to recommended cleaning solutions if your floors need a little deeper clean.

Many manufacturers often sell their cleaning products that are particularly recommended for use on hardwood.

6.     Use window treatment

Your hardwood floor may get faded or discoloured due to prolonged sun exposure. In case, your new floors are getting lots of direct sunlight, then use your curtains or blinds when the sun exposure remains highest. Also, you may prefer putting rugs on those areas to prevent fading.

7.     Few dos and don’ts


  • Keep your nails trimmed if you have pets and little kids
  • Use a beautiful carpet or rugs to avoid overexposure to woods
  • Any stains seen must be immediately wiped out


  • Drag your heavy furniture
  • Throw sticky chewing gums on floors
  • Use any vacuum beater bar
  • Use direct water to clean the floor.

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