What Things to Pay Attention to When Buying a Quiet Dishwasher

Today’s quiet dishwashers, especially high-end ones, offer an impressive list of special features, although not all of them are interesting. Many of them are simple improvements in aesthetics or design, such as the anti-fingerprint steel finish or to the user’s taste, while others are rarely used after the first few weeks, such as numerous washing programs.

Therefore, before opting for a model, take a look at what really matters, especially if your budget is limited, since you will find cheap quiet dishwasher on the market that clean well, are quiet and consume little.

Before Buying A Quiet Dishwasher, Look At The Following Characteristics:

Think about where you are going to place it because there are free-standing models, to be placed anywhere there is a water intake, and there are also models to integrate them with kitchen furniture, under or on the counter (with the possibility of matching panels) with the furniture or to embed them and leave them hidden). There are also those that incorporate a small sink at the top.

Load Capacity

The washing capacity in a single cycle is measured in number of cutlery or services (each cutlery includes the complete table service – cutlery and crockery – per diner). If two adults and two children live in a house, a 6-place setting should suffice (although you have to think about the number of items to wash apart from one place setting per guest).

When choosing, keep in mind your real needs since putting the appliance at half load does not save 50% energy and water, although some current models allow washing small loads using only the upper or lower basket (it is the called multi-zone function).

Water, Energy and Time Consumption

If you’re concerned about the environment and the electric bill, consider the dishwasher’s energy efficiency before buying. The energy label , mandatory under European Union regulations, reports the energy efficiency level of the appliance. The classification of each device is made from letter A +++ to D, from more efficient and more environmentally friendly to less.

Although the most efficient appliances (the A +++ class) are usually more expensive than the least (the D), in the long run it compensates this initial investment for the consumption savings in its useful life that is usually around 10 years. In the latest models on the market, the consumption of water per wash has been reduced to just 19 liters and that of energy to 1.3 kilowatts per hour (Kw / h), achieving drying without additional energy input.

And for those who are not very convinced of the need for this appliance, you have to know that using the quiet dishwasher can be up to 60% cheaper than washing dishes by hand with hot water since heating water consumes a lot of energy.

Door Type

If you can, buy a dishwasher with a balanced door to avoid accidents (when you open it, it stays at the desired height, without falling completely or closing again). It is also important that you have a security lock during the operation of the device in case you have children at home.

Attention to the Interior

The current models are very practical since they have baskets and trays with different positions or directly removable to accommodate large items and they also have folding and adjustable shelves to protect the dishes, from the most delicate wine glasses to the most voluminous pieces. It is important that the guides of the baskets have automatic closing stops, so that they do not come off completely when pulling out to empty or fill them.

And finally, for a good maintenance of your quiet dishwasher do not forget to use salt. In areas with “hard” water (with excess lime) you must fill the salt tank as it is essential for the optimal washing finish and prevents the softener from clogging. Almost all models already include automatic dispensers and light or acoustic indicators for monitoring salt, rinse aid and detergent.


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