Home Mobility Solutions in the UK

There are millions of elderly people in the UK that suffer with mobility issues and for some, this can mean they are very limited in what they can do and where they can go, within the confines of their own home. Then there are many people who are suffering from a temporary disability, who also have issues with moving around, and with specialist companies that cater for those with mobility issues, you can find many essential pieces of equipment.

The Stairlift

Whether you’re looking for a stairlift in Aylesbury or Newcastle, all it takes to find a local supplier is a Google search. The mobility specialist would stock a range of new and used stairlifts, both straight and curved, and you can even rent one, should you only require temporary assistance. There are 5 main components to a stairlift, which are as follows:

  1. The Batteries – These are charged from the mains electricity and provide the power to the electric motor.
  2. The Electric Motor – Located at the base of the stairlift, the motor would be encased and almost silent in operation.
  3. The Gear – This is directly attached to the motor and drives the chair up or down.
  4. The Rail – This is fixed to the wall and is shaped according to the staircase.
  5. The Chair – The chair has a safety strap for the user to secure their seated position.

Mobility Scooter

There are both interior and exterior models; indeed, some elderly people lead a full and active life, thanks to their mobility scooter. Fold-up units can easily be carried in a car and if you enjoy those country walks but are no longer able to walk long distances, the outdoor mobility scooter is the perfect solution. If you have an elderly relative that has trouble moving around, why not help them by investing in a suitable mobility scooter? The supplier would have a range of new and used models, and you could take your relative to their venue and try out a few units, and with new and used solutions, there’s something to suit every budget.

Walking Frames

If you can walk, but are sometimes unsteady on your feet, a walking frame is the perfect safety solution. Light and very durable, you can adjust the height to suit, and such a device can help to prevent a fall. A person who is recovering from major surgery could also benefit from a walking frame and if you are in need of some support, search online for a local mobility specialist.

Bathroom Safety Solutions

For an elderly person, the bathroom presents the most danger, with hard surfaces that are often wet and slippery, and adding a few handrails here and there will help, as will buying a few non-slip bathroom mats. If you search online, you will find everything you need and you can either purchase online or visit their premises, where you can try out the many things they have to aid mobility.

It is much easier for an elderly people to have a fall at home, so we should always look for ways to improve their safety.




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