5 Smart Ideas To Update Your Bathroom

Remodeling your home’s bathroom is a fun and exciting task to take into your own hands. There are a lot of ways to update your bathroom décor but it’s important to focus on the details that may become the centerpiece.

Don’t be afraid to bring your own desires or make a statement through the process of revamping your bathroom. From modern tiles to joyful wallpaper, it’s your chance to have fun decorating one of the smallest rooms in your home.

Add colors and pattern to your bathroom wall

Changing the color of your home’s bathroom wall is a perfect and quick way to give your bathroom a makeover. Give your bathroom a summer feel by painting the wall color to yellow, peach, or a simple light blue. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and wallpaper. A lovely leaf wallpaper will bring a calm energy through its tropical jungle pattern or try a floral print for a vintage and classy atmosphere.

Update the little things in your bathroom 

A makeover doesn’t need to be a major change such as walls, bath, or even sink. Remodeling the little things in your bathroom will make a noticeable difference. Create a spa environment by changing your light fixtures to a dimmable light to control the brightness and save energy in your home. Change your sink faucet to an antique brass faucet to boost the charm in your home bathroom. Mount a modern and contemporary towel holder that will inspire your guests to remodel their own bathroom.

Add a bohemian flair or farmhouse aesthetic

Updating A Bathroom? One thing that will never get old is the rustic farmhouse décor. Add indoor plants such as peace lily, fiddle-leaf fig, jade plant, or philodendron by hanging them on top of the sink, the bathtub, or simply by placing them on the floor to brighten up the areas in the bathroom.

Printed textiles, patterned baskets, and boho rugs will help you achieve the sparkle of bohemian style.

Try creating an ethereal environment in your bathroom

Bring a romantic touch to your bathroom by hanging a chandelier or lantern in your bathroom. A brass vintage chandelier, a classic crystal chandelier, or a Moroccan inspired lantern will no doubt make you and your guests feel like a royal in your home bathroom.  A touch of beautiful white classical drapery panels on your bathroom window will add a warm atmosphere. Placing pillar candles around the bathroom sink and near your bathtub will create a luxurious retreat feel in your bathroom.

Renovate your bathroom tiles

Whether it’s a subtle or a playful pattern there’s no doubt that it’s the first thing you notice once you enter your home’s washroom.  Experiment with an eye-catching modernized version of the classic penny mosaic tile. Trick your brain and give an illusion of a wider room by blending the color of your new tile with your bathroom wall, using a white tile to expand the room, or use large tiles with neutral lines to make it look bigger.


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