The Four Stages Of Designing A Custom Patio Cover

You must have seen many homes in your area with patio covers, and why not, after all there are so many benefits of installing one. However, adding a patio cover to your home does not mean you have to compromise with the aesthetics and exterior look of your home. If you think that commonly available patio covers do not match your taste or the exterior design of your house, you can get a customized one as well.

In fact, mostly when home owners are confused about selecting patio cover, they go for custom patio covers in Las Vegas. So, if even you are confused, why not design your own patio cover. Besides, designing a customized patio cover will give you control over the percentage of shade, material, color, and all other aspects of the cover.

However, keep in mind that the task of designing a customized patio cover won’t be easy. There are many things to consider. Thus, to help you out, here we have mentioned the four crucial stages of designing a custom patio cover.

Stages of designing a custom patio cover

  1. Designing the cover

The first stage is all about designing. You will have to go through plenty of images on internet, as well as look around in your town to find an appealing design. Once you have found an inspiring design, you can modify it as per your needs.

Next, ask your patio cover company to send you initial sketches of the design. You can suggest necessary modifications in the design, and then ask the patio cover company to prepare the final design.

  1. Selecting the cover material

There are many options available in materials for patio cover. However, the most commonly used ones are wood, alumawood and aluminum. Then again, compared to wood, alumawood and aluminum are more flexible, light weighted, and easy to customize materials.

  1. Getting customized patio cover kit

Once the design and material is finalized, the next stage is building the patio cover. Well, how this stage will proceed is completely dependent on your manufacturer. Your manufacturer can either come and built the cover on site or send you a pre-fabricated kit that you can assemble, and install by yourself.

  1. Finishing and treating the cover

After installing the cover, you need to check finishing and treatment options. This is especially necessary if you have installed a wood patio cover. Wood cover will require weather resistance finishing, and water resistance treatment. On the other hand, if you have installed alumawood cover, you need to contact a professional to enquire about alumawood cover finishes.

Now, there you go. Well, if you think designing a customized patio cover is too much work for you, just contact professionals like for ideas, and they will surely not disappoint you.


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