When you are planning a home renovation, there is always a list of things that you have in mind and sidings is one of them. Sidings are the first thing you usually notice about any house that you are seeing for the very first time. When it comes down the sidings of your house it is bound to be the best and what is best suited to your aesthetic. Before you decide on which siding to opt for you, need to first assess your needs. Along with that, it is advised to read up the local fire and safety codes, apart from the new siding trends in your region. Following are some of the siding layout options that you could consider when renovating your home.

Horizontal Lap Siding

Horizontal Lap siding is one of the most classic designs which gives your house a colonial or a traditional North American home look. It is an elegant boxy symmetrical look. You can get this in any colour of your choice. The material which can be used for this siding varies from wood, aluminium, vinyl and fibre cement. The cost depends upon the material which has been used.

Board and Batten

Another timeless style used in traditional North American homes, Board and batten is what you think of when anyone mentions a classic red barn or farm. You can get this type of siding done in wood and fibre cement. However, it is not a cheap option. If you wish to give your house a classic and traditional look, you can combine the board and batten with horizontal lap sidings. This can be done by using materials which look like wood. However, this look might cost a bit more and you would need to hire a professional to carry out the installation.


If you don’t want to go for any of the classic designs and want to give your house an artsy look, then shingles are the option that you should look into. This may even give your house an English Cottage look. This isn’t a pocket-friendly option and would cost you a bit more than horizontal lap siding. Vinyl, wood and fibre cement are some of the most popular shingle options and the prices of each material vary. However, if you are planning to opt for a wooden shingle then you may have to look into the local fire and safety codes before making any decision.

Wood Strip Siding

When you use horizontal flat strips of woof, it can give your house a modern and chic look. However, if you do get wooden strips, then you should be willing to install a continuous waterproof membrane along with it. If you don’t get that done then your house will become water damaged. It is one of the pricey siding options. In case you do opt for wood strip siding, make sure that you hire a roofing company of your choice to install it for you.

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