Best Dressing Table Designs to Enhance Your Bedroom Decor

Bid goodbye to those hasty mornings when you are running late, and getting ready in the washroom becomes difficult. Dressing tables will be your savior during such times. You won’t have to share the washrooms anymore while getting ready. You can stand in front of the mirror and access all your make-up and accessories in a go comfortably.

Dressers come with an attached mirror and storage functionality to keep all your accessories and make-up in one place. Apart from the utility, dressing tables also beautify your bedroom. You can amp up the decor by adding an element of charm with stylish dressing tables. Are you confused between too many designs of dressing tables online and not sure about which one to buy? Don’t worry; we have you covered with a list of some of the best designs:

Anne Solid Wood Dressing Console with Mirror by Amberville:

Remember those good old days from black and white movies, where the female protagonist used to comb her hair sitting in front of the mirror? Well, Anne Dressing Console will surely take you to those old times, where you will feel as if you are in a movie scene. The oval-shaped mirror over the curvy legged table with two drawers featuring pull-over knobs is just perfect for vintage decor. You can place your perfumes and brush stand on the tabletop while keeping your accessories and other cosmetics inside the drawers. It comes along with a curve-legged seating stool imbibed with traditional motifs.

Magnolia Engineered Wood Dressing Table by HomeTown:

This standalone dressing table is apt for any corners in the bedroom. It comes with a mirror and an open side-shelf and drawer plus cabinet below. Right under the mirror, you have a small tabletop where you can place things while getting ready. You can store all the cosmetic bottles and jars on the side shelf. The drawer can come in handy to keep your accessories and lipsticks. The cabinet below can be beneficial to store other utilities. You can use a pouf or ottoman as a dressing table seat. This design is perfect for contemporary or mid-century modern decor.

Darcy Space Saving Dresser:

A sleek and compact design, this dressing table is indeed a space saver. It is beautifully designed with enough compartments to store your lipsticks, nail paints, perfumes, hair accessories, jewelry, and other make-up cosmetics. The drawers open from the sides, giving the front panel a clean look. The foldable tabletop is perfect and can be opened to keep things while you are getting ready. There is a mirror attached on top that provides a clear reflection. The Darcy dresser is ideal for any modern or western decor.

Stellar Engineered Wood Dressing Table by HomeTown:

The Stellar dressing table serves the dual purpose of a dresser plus a bedside table. It features a light for easy visibility. A set of 3 drawers below accompanies the open racks on the left. On the right, you have a mirror and a platform where you can stand comfortably. You can also decorate this platform by placing a vase or planter. You can utilize the racks to store your perfumes, creams, lotions, and more. The drawers can come in handy to store your lipsticks, nail paints, and accessories. This design can blend well with modern or transitional decor.

Crysler Dressing Table by Crystal Furnitech:

Right for any smaller bedroom, this dresser by Crystal Furnitech is apt to be placed in the corner. It is a freestanding dressing table that comes with an attached mirror, drawer, and a small cabinet. You will have a small tabletop on which you can place your combs, brush stand, or perfume bottles. The cabinet can be used to store your footwear or for other utility purposes. In the drawer, you can keep your lip colors, kohl, eyeshadow palettes, and more. The sleek design in black wenge finish would be the right fit for any classy decor, whether contemporary or modern.

Morgan Engineered Wood Dresser by HomeTown:

Another unique design, it serves the dual purpose of dresser plus bedside table. It features a mirror attached to a set of drawers on the side. You have a small tabletop that you can adorn with a table lamp or picture frames. The wheels at the bottom of the legs make the dresser’s movement convenient. This simplistic yet elegant design is perfect for the vintage, mid-century modern, or contemporary decor.

These are some of the best designs of dressing tables that can take your bedroom decor game up a notch. So, what’s your pick?