Why Location is the Most Important Thing When Buying a House

When you look for a home, there will no doubt be a long list of things you want to see in your dream house. From a pool to extra guest rooms, everyone has a list of requirements. However, when you buy a home, perhaps the number one thing to think about is location. Here’s why location will always be the top thing to consider when home buying.

Location is the one thing you can’t change

When you buy a home, either a new build or an older property, there are a lot of things you can change, but location is not one of them. You can extend your home, remove walls to make it open plan, redecorate and even completely change the look of your home, but unless it’s a mobile home, you can’t move it anywhere else.

A good location is priceless

From having nice neighbours to good schools and a community spirit, location is something that’s really worth investing in. Living in an area you don’t love, or somewhere miles from work or your kids school, means you’re likely to end up feeling stressed and miserable, and spend more time in your car than anything else.

You can use the land to build an entirely new home

Found a house in the perfect location but don’t love the property? Why not look into the knock down rebuild Canberra cost? This allows you to get the perfect location and the house that’s right for you, and it may not cost as much as you think. More and more people are choosing this option now, getting rid of rickety homes from the 70s and 80s and replacing them with impressive models.

You can cut down on commute time

Get a property that’s equidistant between you and your spouse’s workplace and the kids’ schools and you can cut down on your commute. This has many advantages:

  • It’s better for the environment
  • You enjoy family time, not time stuck behind the wheel
  • You save money on everything from fuel to insurance
  • There’s less stress when you avoid traffic

When you look at homes and are making a shortlist, a good location should be top of your list. While you can change many things about a home with enough building work or DIY you can’t change a location. Buy a home in an area that you love and you’re halfway to your dream house.




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